about Maisotsenko Power Cycle


Mission Statement:
To elevate energy industry into 21st century

Humanity achievements are immense- we went in space and left the solar system, genetic engineering and A.I. are almost here, yet our energy production and use remains in mid-1800s, with no fundamental improvements. Until now. Discovering practical application to utilize air as low -cost renewable source of energy (potential energy from latent heat), Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle) presents singular Omni-applicable solution.    

As shown in the exhibit on the left, all current energy sources present multiple problems for humanity. Maisotsenko Cycle offers a singular solution to these problems - a low-cost renewable source of energy, made possible by a fundamental breakthrough in thermodynamics and utilization of air (potential energy from latent heat).

With M-Cycle, fossil fuel efficiency is doubled, while reducing pollution 10 times! The technology integrates seamlessly with existing engines and turbines, cars, ships, and power stations, while achieving over 70% efficiency at low temperatures of under 300° C (compared with today’s 3000° C of combustion engine) and allowing them to be constructed out low cost materials.